Welcome to Equine Associates, LLC!

We have from our inception in 1991 to this very day been committed to quality care of our patients and client satisfaction. We specialize in horses and other large animals. As a matter of fact, our Mission Statement at Equine Associates is as follows:

We aim to create a positive experience in all aspects of equine veterinary medicine for our clients, our patients, and our support staff. We are committed to providing superior advanced medical services coupled with exceptional customer satisfaction while remembering to respect ourselves, our coworkers, our clientele, and most of all, the horses we care for.

Others have “borrowed” our mission statement, but they can not take from us our complete devotion to service, commitment, and integrity. If we can ever assist you, please do not hesitate to call our office any time. Our practice continues to grow because of our amazing clientele. For all of your horse or other large animal vet needs, call us today! Thank you!

- Drs Bill and Jennifer Baker







Dear Dr. Baker
I could never express how much your compassion and care meant to me while W was sick. It was such a comfort to me to know that you were with him when I couldn't be. I feel as if I lost a best friend, but God sent me 2 new friends. Thank you both so much for the passion you have for your job. God Bless You! 
- R-

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